Want to advertise, but you don’t have any creative? Our Industry experienced designers are here to help.

With the Supply Post and,
youʼll get our best service every time.

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Weʼve been in the equipment and truck publishing business for 50 years, and we know our markets:

• Road building
• Vocational and highway trucking
• Heavy construction
• Medium/light construction
• Agriculture & Landscaping
• Aggregates & Mining
• Forestry
• Material Handling
• Landscaping

We offer full colour classified ads, display ad space, online listings, featured listings, e-blasts, online banner space for branding, complete website design and social media promotions. We offer these packages primarily to:

• Truck and equipment dealerships
• OEMʼs and their ad agencies
• Auction companies
• Other industry suppliers

Please click on the media kit link  for more information or give us a call at 1-800-663-4802 to discussion how we can help your bring your products to market. Get my Media Kit.

Classified Advertising

fill it in on-line here: classifieds

Upcoming deadlines

  • September 17 2021
  • October 15 2021
  • November 10, 2021
  • December 12, 2021

Supply Post Display Ad Guidelines
& Upload Information

Supply Post Newspaper Technical Data
Trim Size: 10.5″x 14.5″
Live Area: 9.75″x 13.25″
Bleed: No Bleed
Number of Columns: 6
Colour: CMYK, (Greyscale & RGB not accepted)
Images: 300+ PPI recommended
Preferred File Formats: .pdf, .jpg
How To Submit Your Ad
Option 1: Email: If your ad is over 15 MB, contact us for assistance, please email as materials to [email protected].
*Name your file with YOUR company name, as we get dozens of ads named “Supply Post Ad”! Please contact the production department to confirm receipt of your ad material at 1-800-663-4802.